Awful Second Hand Cars for Sale you need to Avoid

When you wish to buy one of the second hand cars for sale on the market, it is best that you read this article first. Well, you surely are already aware that you will need to fulfill most requirements before you can get used vehicles for sale from second hand car dealers, right? Well, if you are not, then, there will be a brief explanation regarding the matter before you are shown the list of the cars to buy.

Buying used cars

The idea of buying a used car is pretty interesting since they are way cheaper compared to any new car price list that you can find. In case you did not know, there are several things to do before buying a car. Some of the things are checking your budget, assessing the purpose of the purchase, and the hidden costs of the car purchase.

If those things are left unchecked, then, it would be highly possible that you would get into pretty deep trouble in the future. However, though, there is also a thing that you need to keep in mind: never buy awful cars, no matter how cheap they are. Below you can find the list of the second auto cars for sale that you should never purchase since they are simply terrible!

1. FIAT 500 (all models)

The list of the worst second-hand cars for sale is opened by the car which is made by one of the most famous Italian automotive manufacturers, which is Fiat. Alright, we all know that FIAT 500 has been released multiple times for some years and there are so many variants of it that you can find, either as a new or used car.

Unfortunately, finding out which model or which year variant is the worst is the thing that is pretty much impossible to do since reliability is the thing that this series consistently ignored. FIAT 500 has always received unfavorable ratings when it comes to its reliability and it makes you wonder why this car is consistently produced.

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2. Dodge Nitro (2007-2012 models)

The next of the list is occupied by the American car producer, which is Dodge. We had no idea what came up to the mind of the manufacturers when they decided to produce this car in 2007 until 2012 since there is not much to look at this vehicle in most aspects.

Well, since Dodge Nitro is built upon the same platform with the model which preceded it, which was Dodge Liberty, you would need to expect that both cars have the same crippling flaws! The first thing that makes the car an unfavorable option for you is its unappealing interior-it is simply too bland and underequipped.

The second weakness is its clumsy and underpowered engine with only produces 210 horsepower with the 3.7L V6. Definitely, avoiding it when looking for second hand cars for sale is a smart thing to do!

3. Mini Cooper (2016 model)

Although Mini has become a well-known automotive manufacturer thanks to the Mr. Bean’s classic 1969 Mini Cooper MK II, it turns out that it is not always a great company when it comes to producing decent cars. This argument becomes true after it released the 2016 model since there were so many negative feedbacks after its product saw the market.

For every 100 Mini sold in 2016, 127 problems were reported solely during the year. There are many problems which plague the models, but the most prominent ones are engine problems, the integrity of the car’s body, and the cooling system. Oh, by the way, the car might not be too expensive, but you would spend a lot of cash from giving a proper and constant maintenance; not a good thing to look at when looking for a 2nd car for sale!

4. Chrysler Town & Country (2014 model)

The next car that you should never buy since it is one of the worst second hand cars for sale on the market is the minivan produced by Chrysler. Well, although this American car has been produced since 1990 until 2016, it was the 2014 version which was a subject to ridicule and harsh critics.

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If you love memes, then, you would be aware the abundant number of memes that savagely mock the car.  Well, some of you might argue that it did not deserve to be treated that way since it was very cheap and it was sold for 12 million units, then, you need to think again! It was plagued with problems and its transmission was utterly pathetic. One review even stated that he was forced to call the emergency response since his Chrysler Town & Country was burning without any apparent causes.

5. BMW X5 (2007 model)

There are several things about this car: it is expensive and it has a lot of problems. Well, although BMW is a German car manufacturer (they are reputed to be the best engineers on Earth), it does not mean that they are always able to produce the best automobile and this one is the most obvious proof. It all started with the uncertainty regarding the type of this car.

Rather than marketing it as an SUV, the factory sold it as a Sports Activity Vehicle- a weird way to say that it is an SUV which has an above-than-average performance. However, we doubt its overall performance since the air suspension used by the car is downright fragile yet very costly to repair- it may drain your wallet since you may need to pay USD 3,000 to fix it. Also, its thermostat, water pump, and oil sealing are not that great either.


Buying a second car is an interesting idea that may give you certain benefits compared to new cars. Despite the fact that there are several things you need to do before buying one, there are some cars that you need to avoid buying due to many issues. You can visit our blog to get more information regarding the best cars. Some of the second hand cars for sale to avoid are FIAT 500, Dodge Nitro, Mini Cooper, Chrysler Town & Country, and BMW X5.