Recommended Cars and Their Prices 2019

Recommended Cars and Their Prices 2019 – Buying a new car is probably one of your plans in 2019. If you already have a view in mind regarding what car to be bought, that’s just good. However, if you are not, there are surely some considerations to think about to get the best product and even a second hand car for sale. So, what are the most recommended cars to buy this year seen from the designs, specifications, and prices? Here are some of them.

BMW 330i

The sedan is always one of the best choices for many reasons. It has sophisticated and elegant designs from many years ago until now. Besides, the improvement of engine and features makes it always worth to buy. One of the brands that launch a new sedan series is BMW under the name of BMW 330i. The performance is improved from the previous sedan series. One of them is regarding the steering rack quickens that now, it features a lock. The price starts at $40,250.

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Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is proof that a truck-model car can look stunning as well. The general design is not so much different from the predecessors but the metallic creamy brown color is just lovable. The car mainly offers you more comfort while being on the road. It should be a good solution of passing through some coarse field without the passengers feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. Besides, it features a new design of steering so-called electric assist rack and pinion. For the price, it is around $24,000.

Aston Martin DB11

For you who are looking for a sports car without spending too much money, Aston Martin is a smart solution. The new series brings out an AMR image that stands for Aston Martin Racing in which the car is indeed mainly intended for the race but still compatible for a relaxing trip on the conventional roads. There is still a really few leakages regarding the new features and specifications. But something which is sure, it rules many types of fields from the smooth road to a coarse sloppy mountainous area. To have a unit, make sure to prepare approximately $157,900.

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Mazda 3

Now let’s go back to the sedan car. This one seems to try to remove its delicate design and posture. Yes, Mazda 3 offers you something rougher and steadier, making it suitable for you who love being elegant but also adventurous at once. Some new features are including the NASA-grade seat bolster and the G-Vectoring system. The price of Mazda 3 starts at $23,100.