4 Places for the Best Car Review Site

If buying a car is one of your resolutions in the near future, the best car review site must be something that you are looking for now. Yes, it is not wrong for sure to read the reviews and use it as guidance. However, you must be careful also since not all the reviews are honest. Some of them are paid and some of them are based on personal opinions. So, make sure to choose objective reviews for the best new car deals. So, what are the recommended sites to go? Here they are.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver is on the top of this list due to honesty. At least, it is what many customers say after they read the site and then use the recommendations to buy their cars. Interestingly, it provides not only detailed information regarding cars. If you are looking for tips and tricks to treat your vehicles based on the brands and series, this is really the right place. Meanwhile, short reviews from users and cars’ customers are also available here.


Almost similar to Car and Driver, Edmunds provides you with honest information regarding the cars. Besides, there are the details specifications of vehicles starting from the cheap to the most expensive ones. You should not miss out the life-hack related to the transportation available in Edmunds. For the beginners, you can go here since Edmunds makes available certain tips and tricks including how to practice to drive fast and fluently.

Motor Trend

Motor Trend is known as an automotive magazine even before the online site is available. This way, credibility and reputation should not be questioned anymore. You can enjoy all the things about the car including the honest customers’ reviews. For some reasons, subscribing the magazine is more recommended actually than only going to the site. One of them is due to the content completeness. So, if you have more money, why don’t you buy the offline version?

Consumer Reviews

In some cases, the reviews are biased due to many factors. However, Consumer Reports is one of the sites that make sure that those things will never happen. Despite providing reviews from the expert ones, this automotive site also allows common customers to share their experiences regarding their vehicles. So, for the best choice of the car you want to buy now or in the future, it is not exaggerating to say that Consumer Reviews is the best car review site.