Zimmerman Honda Review: What You Should Know About the Dealership

In terms of importance, purchasing a car is second only to purchasing a house. Because of how important it is, you want to get the best deal possible. The question is, where should you purchase a car from? To help you decide from which should you buy a car, we reviewed Zimmerman Honda, a well-known car dealership in the U.S.

Zimmerman Honda in Brief

Established in 1952, the dealership has served many customers in over 6 decades. It is committed to satisfying customers. As proof of this, the dealership has won Honda President’s Award nine times in total, five of which are won in a row. Not only that, but the dealership also has a customer satisfaction rating of 98%.

As a dealership, it offers various services. The main service is, of course, selling cars. But that is by no means the only one. There are also body shop, service, parts, incentives, financing, and others. We will get into the details below. Yes, it is a dealership but it is not an ordinary one.

Zimmerman Honda Service

What kinds of services do the dealership offer? Short answer: a lot. Let’s start with car sales. The dealership sells a wide range of new and used cars. There are two types of used cars: certified and non-certified. The dealership also offers car trade. It is not an exaggeration if we say this dealership has something for everyone.

Better yet, there are also cars priced under $16,000 offered as well. If you are looking for a cheaper car, the dealership’s “Under $16,000 Collections” is certainly worth checking. To make things easier for customers, appointment scheduling can be done. This is especially helpful for people who have tight schedules as they can plan their visit.

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That’s the sales. What about services, maintenance, and parts? Well, the dealership has all those too. It is a one-stop dealership where you can not just purchase a car but also have it maintained, serviced, and purchase necessary parts when needed. Not to mention customers can request parts as well.

Purchasing a car from a one-stop dealership is a great decision. This makes things easier to Suppose you purchase a car. One day, a certain part is damaged or broken. If the dealership you purchased the car from is a one-stop dealership, you can just contact or go directly to them to have it repaired or replaced.

There is also financing. Many people want to purchase a car but cannot pay the price upfront. If you are among these people, financing is a good idea as you can have the car without having to pay a large sum of money upfront. Proper financing will make things a lot more manageable.

Other services being offered including learning and specials. For learning, the dealership has these offerings: Honda Learning Center, Honda Owner Workshop, as well as Honda Awards. For specials, service specials, current incentives, military appreciation, and a graduate program are offered. With so many offerings, it is no exaggeration if we say this dealership is more than just a dealership.

Zimmerman Honda Review: Pros and Cons

The dealership emphasizes customer satisfaction. With a customer satisfaction rate of 98%, it is evident that most of Zimmerman Honda’s customers are satisfied with the dealership. This proves how the dealership put the utmost importance on customer satisfaction. With over 6 decades of experience under its belts, the dealership offers so many things and does so excellently and consistently

Another pros is the number of services the dealership offers. The dealership offers so many things to its customers. From sales of new and used cars, body shop for maintenance and parts, financing to various incentives, learning center and workshop. All of these are geared toward satisfying customers. In terms of services, it has both quantity and quality.

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Flexibility and responsiveness are the dealership’s main selling points as well. Scheduling an appointment is easy, be it for car purchasing or maintenance. As for responsiveness, the dealership handles things quickly and responsively, especially its customer service. The helpful and hospitable staffs make the customer experience in the dealership even better.

While the dealership is excellent overall, some customers are not satisfied. For example, some customers complained about how there is no service after the sale is final, damaged parts or cars. Many of these complaints are due to misunderstanding on the customers’ part. These complaints are quickly responded to and solved by the dealership customer service.

In short, it is an excellent car dealership worthy of its popularity and recognition. Most of its customers are satisfied with how the dealership handles the services. And it has done so for over 6 decades, which is very impressive. Dissatisfied customers, however, do exist but the dealership deals with such issues quickly and responsively.

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Zimmerman Honda has something for everyone. Be it new or used cars, financing, maintenance, services, parts and even learning centers. Emphasizing on customer satisfaction, this dealership offers so many services excellently. Seeing how it handles the services, it is not a surprise if it has a customer satisfaction rating of 98%.