Zimbrick Chevrolet, a Chevrolet Dealership You Want to Check Out

Do you want to purchase a Chevrolet car? If you do, doing a bit of research will certainly help you find one that fits you. Purchasing a car is the second most important purchase in life so make sure to get the best out of it. Here, we will review a Chevrolet dealership. Namely, Zimbrick Chevrolet. See if it interests you.

About Zimbrick Chevrolet

Founded by John Zimbrick over 50 years ago, this Wisconsin-based dealership is one of the best Chevrolet dealerships in the state. Its preferred Chevrolet dealership status in Wisconsin is not unwarranted. The dealership takes pride in helping its customers, which it does amazingly for over 50 years. At the moment, the dealership has 16 franchises in three cities in Wisconsin.

What kind of services does the dealership offer? The short answer is a lot. The long answer is sales for both new and used cars, financing, leasing, commercial and fleeing, and body shop, among others. We will describe these shortly. With a wide range of options, customers can choose whatever service they want. All these in one place.


Let’s start with sales. After all, it is not a dealership if there are no sales in it. So, what car sales this dealership offers? The dealership sells new and used cars. For the new cars, there are offerings like new specials, a wide range of Chevrolet models, quick quote, trade appraisal, and best price guarantee program.

The dealership has various offerings for the used cars as well. There are used specials, certified used cars, Chevrolet Certified Program, and under $15,000 cars. These offerings are geared toward customers who are on a budget and offer them with quality used cars. Especially the certified used cars, as they have like-new quality, come with benefits, and extended warranty.

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Financing and Leasing

When it comes to purchasing a car, there are three options one has, each one has its own benefits. They are purchasing with full, upfront payment, financing, and leasing. The dealership has special offers for the last two. It has a team of finance experts who are dedicated to helping customers deciding which option is best for them.

The dealership helps the customers to decide which payment option is best for them. Moreover, the team will calculate based on not just the customer’s financial situation but also their personal preference. Customers can contact the dealership team in case they want to know more about the financing and leasing offered.

Commercial and Fleeting

As a Chevrolet Business Elite Dealer, Zimbrick Chevrolet not only serves individual customers. The dealership also serves business owners. The dealership offers a large selection of commercial vans and trucks (both new and used), an assigned representative of the dealership, and individualized service to suit business needs including industry-leading technologies (like proprietary telematics and 4G LTE WiFi, for example).

The dealership doesn’t just sell for commercial and fleeting, however. It also offers Express Service, with which business owners can have their vehicles maintained, 24/7 towing, work-ready loaners, as well as extended hours. This means that if a business owner’s fleets are in need of maintenance or repair, the maintenance or repair process will not disturb their workflow.

Zimbrick Chevrolet Body Shop

No one wants to be in an accident. The thing is, accidents do happen. The dealership has a body shop where customers can get their damaged cars repaired and restored to the factory. The services in the body shop include estimate/approval, parts order, repair scheduling, disassembly, structural or body repair, paint, reassembly, and delivery.

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The dealership has a total of 4 body shops in Wisconsin. Of course, all of these body shops offer the same services. Customers can request an estimate from them before making an appointment for the repair or restoration. The dealership has certification for collision repair from Chevrolet as well as many other manufacturers, which speaks of the quality of its services.


The dealership is dedicated to giving the best experience to the customers. It offers so many services in a single place yet manage to do them amazingly. The dealership assists the customers from the get-go in a fast and friendly manner. With such excellent services, the dealership is truly worthy of its status as a preferred dealership in Wisconsin.

Looking at how the dealership works with its customers, it is not surprising if most of its customers are satisfied and praises its services. All services are handled carefully with the customers’ best interest in mind. The dealership truly makes car purchasing experience enjoyable, efficient, and hassle-free. If you are looking for a Chevy car, you should check it out.

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As a preferred Chevrolet in Wisconsin, Zimbrick Chevrolet certainly delivers its services nicely. It has many options for customers. From new and used car sales, financing, leasing, body shop to commercial, and fleeting. On top of them all, it also has speedy and friendly service as well. If you want to purchase a Chevrolet car, this dealership is worth checking out.