When Do Car Seats Expire? Here are Important Information to Know

When do car seats expire? This is the most important information for parents when they are trying to reuse the first child’s gear or buy the used one.

 Everyone agrees that having babies or children means adding a new post in your monthly financial budget. From diapers, clothes, to safety equipment issues, babies items seem to empty their parents’ wallets. However, these expenses won’t pay for every joy and smile that your kids give you.

Therefore, no matter how expensive it is, parents will always give and do the best for their kids. One of the best protections given from parents to their children is checking when doing car seats expire? Ensuring your kids are sitting in the safest place while having a drive is a no-bargained priority.

This car seat expiration isn’t a government policy but merely the manufacturer’s standard quality control. It is due to some reasons such as deteriorating materials, missing pieces, and advancement in technology and safety standard. Thus, different products and manufacturers will result in different car seat expiration. Check here to see when doing car seats expire based on manufacturers’ recommendations.

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Graco Car Seat Expiration

Graco Car Seat Expiration

Graco manufactures one of the most widely used car seats. Their products are designed to meet the standard of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and US FMVSS safety standards.

Graco imprints the expiration date in all their car seat products. You can find the date at the bottom or back of the car seat. Each car seat type will have a different expiration date, ranges from six to ten years.

Britax Car Seat Expiration

Britax Car Seat Expiration

For Britax, a manufacturer for the child restraint system located in the USA, the expiration date is imprinted differently depending on the car seat type. Some of them are on the back, and some others are on the front and underneath the cover.

Britax has released a notice on its websites about two categories of car seat expiration. Those manufactured in June 2010 or after, have a service life from six to ten years. Meanwhile, those manufactured before June 2010 have a service life from six to nine years. Visit their websites at https://us.britax.com/tips-advice/why-do-car-seats-expire/ to see the details.

Chicco Car Seat Expiration

Chicco Car Seat Expiration

Chicco has various ranges of car seat expiration, from six to ten years. You can see this expiration date printed on a label located on the seat and the base.

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Here is the expiration date of the Chicco car seat based on the types. Nextfit has an 8-year, Keyfit has a 6-year, MyFit has an 8-year, and KidFit has a 10-year lifespan from the date of manufacture.

Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Expiration

Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Expiration

Maxi-Cosi products have a sticker on the back of the seat that describes its date of manufacture. To find out when do car seats expire, look in the manual book for the lifespan of the seats.

In general, the Maxi-Cosi car seat has lifespan ranges from eight to twelve years. It depends on what series you have. For example, Mico 30 lasts for 8 years, Pria 85 lasts for 10 years, and Magellan lasts for 12 years.

Seeing those various expiration dates of car seats above, we can’t overgeneralize an answer for “when do car seats expire?” All you need is to check it directly either from a manual book or from the imprinted label. However, remember that all the expiration date is counted from the date it is manufactured, not from the date you bought it.