Best Used Car for Sale in the USA that you should get

There are so many used cars for sale in USA that you can pick. Well, since there are so many options to choose, it would not be too difficult to make a decision, right? Unfortunately, though, when you are looking for a car, things would be a bit tricky for you to decide which car you need to buy, especially when buying used vehicles for sale. Although the automobile warranty and the general value is the commonly shared things to be considered when choosing either best new car prices or the used ones, there are also several additional things to consider when picking a car from the second hand car dealers, but the most important ones are the vehicle history and the overall performance. Below you can find the list of the used cars in the US that you can use as a guide to find cars for sale nearby.

1. Mercedes-Benz E Class (2012 model)

The first car which occupies the top of our list is the car made by the German manufacturer named Mercedes-Benz, which is the 2012 E-Class. If you are aware of the world of automotive, then, it would be highly possible that you have heard the name previously and its high reputability. That is true; Mercedes-Benz is one of the best European car manufacturers ever and it almost never produces mediocre cars over the course of its history, and this model is no exception. Although it was manufactured seven years ago, the technology implemented in it remains top-notch and its exterior is utterly impressive! By the way, you definitely will be impressed by its engine since it is so powerful and it is also equipped with the seven-speed transmission which is awesome!

There are several variants you can choose regarding the type of car. You can get the one between the coupe, sedan, convertible, and wagon- all of them are great for your personal preferences. It moves elegantly and better compared to other sports cars since you can pick between the V6 engine and the V8. Aside from its interior which gives an elegant design, it is very comfortable to drive and it comes with several features like the upholstery which is made of leather, a sunroof, as well as monitoring sensors to watch the blind spots of the car.

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2. Subaru Outback (2012 model)

The next position of this list is occupied by the famous car manufacturer from Japan. Well, although it is not the most popular Japanese car manufacturer, Subaru still has the privilege of having a consumer base that is extremely loyal to it. Therefore, the company decides to return the favor by releasing cars with high quality and high resale values; one of the models that have all of the two traits mentioned earlier is the 2012 Subaru Outback. This all-drive family station wagon is pretty similar with older models when it comes to its appearance, but with modern additional features.

This one of the best used cars for sale in USA is equipped with two choices of engine cylinders: the four and six-cylinder engines are the ones you can choose and they provide you with a high level of power that is definitely satisfying. Meanwhile, it chooses the manual transmission as its standard and it has better value since most drivers would prefer to drive automatic cars. The cabin is also very wide, especially its back seat and the cargo drive accommodates even the largest travel baggage.

3. Buick Verano (2013 model)

Well, we have watched that the two previous cars on this list are of foreign factories and we could use some local names right now! If you wish for local products, then, you would be delighted since we have decided to put one of them in here and it would be the 2013 Buick Verano. Although it was firstly released in 2012, it was the 2013 version that you would like to buy since it managed to evolve into a wonderful car by fixing any unwanted mistakes that were done by its predecessor.

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Although this compact sedan was categorized into the entry-level, you might also want to consider this car as a luxury one since it is made of materials that are considered to be high-end ones! The cabin, by the way, offers an unparalleled level of silence and it also comes with excellent upholstery with leather and seats and a steering wheel that are equipped with heating electronics so that you would not get frozen during a dire winter.

Moving to its exterior, it comes with a powerful 250 HP engine that is equipped with four cylinders to give you maximum power! By the way, since this is the United States, you would expect that it uses the automatic transmission, would you not? Well, you will be pleased since it is equipped with an automatic transmission with six speeds as its standard configuration, although a manual one is also available if you prefer it.

4. Toyota Prius V (2015 model)

When reading this article, you would have realized that all of the previously mentioned cars above are conventional when it comes to the fuel economy-most of them still rely solely on fossil fuels and it is not too good for people who wish to take better care to our planet. Therefore, it would be a good idea to put a hybrid car into this list, would it not?

Toyota Prius has always become a good choice when you are looking for a decent hybrid car and this 2015 model is no exception. It remains a solid choice for those who wish for an eco-friendly vehicle while provides a huge improvement over its size. Well, this model is longer than its predecessors and it also has a way larger cabin. However, its fuel consumption is still efficient and you would not need to worry about spending too much money. Unfortunately, due to its bigger size, you need to expect its handling to be slightly less agile due to its additional weight. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best used cars for sale in USA!