Subaru Brat Review

One of the Subaru cars that were quite popular in 1979-1981 was the Subaru Brat. This car came with a 4×4 truck model. Nowadays, Brat seems classic. Even some parties say that this car has an ugly design. However, in 2015 there were 3 Brats sold for under $20,000. You can get all the series in Colorado, USA.

Specifications of Subaru Brat

Brat only has two engine versions. Production of cars before 1982 used 1.6L EA-71 H4, while production that began in 1982 used 1.8L EA-81 H4. There are only two types of trim, namely DL and GL. Brat also has 2 transmission variants as 3-speed automatic and a 4-speed manual. In the 1980s, this car was created for off-roaders.

The engine capacity of 1.6L produces 67 horsepower output, while 1.8L produces 73 HP. Both use a 4 cylinders engine. The trim options that came out in 1983 and 194 were STI which produced an output of 94 HP. The gas consumption is 18/21 mpg for automatic transmission and 20/26 for manual transmission.

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1. 1979

The 1979 Brat type that was last seen in 205 has a blue exterior. The original engine used 1.6L, but the owner has replaced it with 1.8L so that the performance will be better. The circular headlight was its specialty back then. There are two doors with black mirrors. The back is a large bed.

2. 1980

The 1980 Brat design is bigger than the previous generation. What’s still in Colorado is bright blue. But there are some parts that are replaced such as tires, brakes, rotors, and suspensions. Still the same as the previous Brat, this car only has two doors. On the side of the body, there are additional turn signal lights and this is unavailable in Brat 1979.

3. 1981

This car has a red exterior. The rearview mirror cover uses black, but this time the door handle appears in chrome. In general, the design is still the same as the previous generation Brat. There are two doors with a coupe model, 4 tires with aluminum wheels, and a spare tire placed on the bed truck.

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The inside of the car is practically nothing special. There are only two seats for a driver and a passenger. The driver position is located on the left. The seats are fixed without an adjustable headrest. The steering uses black with a circle shape. But there are already two sun visors for drivers and passengers.

Price of Subaru Brat

The whole Brat is priced low, which is only around $20,000. This is caused by the number of parts that are damaged and must be replaced. Some spare parts may require more than $1,200. Even the 1980 Brat was only sold at $ 6,900 because all the components except the engine were damaged.

Subaru Brat never bears the nickname as a car with a strange design. This compact pickup has also begun to become extinct since the early 2000s even though in 1987 it was redesigned with a fresh look. Now there is only one Brat unit sold online on the eBay site. Some relevant parts are still intact because if they are removed, Brat will lose its characteristics.