New vs. Second Hand Car for Sale: Which is Better?

This article will discuss what you need to know when you wish to buy a second hand car for sale. It also provides you with several aspects that are used to compare between a new and a used car. It will make you able to determine which one is the best suited for you. Well, let us check out the content of this interesting article, shall we?

The secret behind car purchase

Well, we all know that buying a new car is a more interesting option compared to used vehicles for sale, but the reality is more complicated than that and you need to as cold and as unbiased as possible when choosing auto cars for sale to purchase. Well, one of the benefits of buying a used car is that you can save money over time.

By the way, do you know that most people own averagely 13 cars on their lifetime? Also, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association, most cars in the US averagely cost USD 30,000 and you might be able to save up to USD 130,000 if you decide to go to second hand car dealers to get used cars instead of buying brand new cars for sale. And all of those are caused by the financial phrase called depreciation.

Car depreciation is the cause of why you run out of money so fast when you buy a car. You must have heard that a car’s value will be reduced to 20% when someone decides to buy it, right? It is true; your USD 30,000 car will be less valuable since it loses USD 2,000 of its value when you drive it off the showroom. Then, after a year, your car will lose 30% of its value, or USD 9,000, due to its age and any minor or major damage it encounters. This might not be too impactful for you during the early years, but it will hit you rock hard when you are going to sell the car back.

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Types of car depreciation

Well, you surely have read the previous paragraph above and you are already aware that cars lose value over time, right? Now, depending on the type, car depreciation can be categorized into two different types that are suffered by new and used cars. Now, let us check out the types of car depreciation, shall we?

The first type is the depreciation suffered by new automobiles and it is the most severe one. It is called the most severe one since new cars lose their value so rapidly. For example, you purchased a brand new car for USD 30,000 and sold it only for USD 15,000 three years later!

The second depreciation is the one which is suffered by second hand car for sale. Compared to the previous type, this one is less severe as the rate of depreciation is not too big. A USD 15,000 used car can be sold for USD 10,000 in the next three years. Well, it is true that most people consider driving a car that is still fresh from the factory is an experience that has almost no quarter. It does not mean that they are wrong, but used cars also have several advantages and one of them is that it allows you to save money-a lot of money!

Used car stereotypes

There are several stereotypes which make buying a used car an option that is unfavorable. One of those stereotypes is the argument that buying a used item means buying a problem that belonged to someone else in the past. This argument, though, is actually obsolete and it is pretty much misleading since it is largely not true.

The other stereotype is that used cars have reliability issues that would bring you a disadvantage in a financial matter. However, this one is not exactly correct since although used cars in the distant past definitely have questionable reliability, used cars that were released in rather recent years are way better in terms of reliability since the technology used to manufacture cars nowadays are way more advanced than the one used twenty years ago. Most recent used cars have a mileage of 100,000 before they break down and require total maintenance.

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The next misleading argument regarding a used car is its maintenance cost. Most people argue that used automobiles will demand you to spend way more money in regular maintenance since they simply are not new anymore. However, actually, any type of cars, no matter they are used or fresh, will always require maintenance effort and it must be done regularly. However, more recent used cars are able to operate exceeding the scheduled visit for maintenance and their parts are more durable.

The advantages of used cars

When we are talking about used cars, you no longer need to worry about its misleading stereotypes since we have discussed it in the previous paragraph. Well, it is pretty obvious that they are cheaper than the new ones. But is that all that they can offer? Fortunately, it is not the only advantage since there are more of them.

The first advantage you can get from getting a used car instead of new cars in the market is that you can get lower insurance rates for it. Well, the logic is simple and it is not too difficult to comprehend; a less valuable thing costs less to insure. Since used cars are less expensive, the insurance rates you need to pay are also less demanding!

Also, do you know that registry renewals for cars become cheaper annually? This means that used cars do not need too much money to register and you can save your budget for other things that are more important. It is a pretty interesting benefit, is it not?

The next one is that you can buy higher-class used cars in an easier way. Saving 30% more means you can buy luxury cars that are used. Well, although it is used, it is still luxurious! Those, people, are the advantages of buying a second hand car for sale!