Olger Motors: Questions to Ask to the Dealership

So you have done your homework. You have researched the car you want, the price, and the dealerships. The next thing to do is to visit the dealership. The thing is, when you get there, what questions should you ask the dealership staff? Some dealerships, like Olger Motors, have friendly and helpful staff who will ask and answer questions.

No need to worry. Here, we listed several important questions to ask the dealership. These questions will help you find the right car for you. It can also help you find out more about the dealership and whether you should buy a car from it or not. These are the questions you should ask.

Do You Have the Car that I Want?

This is the first question to ask. There is no use of spending your energy and time negotiating for a certain car only to know that it is not available. So, first and foremost before you ask anything, ask whether the dealer has the car that you want. If the answer is yes, then proceed. Otherwise, go somewhere else.

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How Much Is the Car’s Actual Price?

Let’s say the dealership has the car you want. The next question to ask is the car’s actual cost. Be sure to get the precise number. It is, after all, the amount that you’d pay if you decide to buy the car. Keep in mind that MSRP may not be the same as the actual cost of the car.

What Is the Mileage of the Car?

Yes, this applies to both new and used cars but especially used ones. The less mileage, the better. For a new car, the car might be used for test drives before. Or perhaps the car was traded from another dealership. Either way, if the mileage is more than 300 miles, ask the salesman for a discount.

What Are the Terms of Payment?

You need to know exactly the terms of payment for the car. This usually happens in the dealership’s office. A good dealership will provide you with appropriate terms of payment that you can afford. Before you say the amount of money you can pay per month, be sure that the price of the car is already settled.

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About Olger Motors

Based on Woodbridge, New Jersey, Olger Motors is a dealership that specializes in selling selected, quality used vehicles that range from the coupe, sedan, hatchback, cargo vans, SUV to pickup truck. It also has its own finance department to assist customers as well. This dealership strives to set automotive dealerships excellence as it focuses on satisfying its customers.

Why Olger Motors Woodbridge New Jersey?

The dealership not only has an inventory of selected, quality used vehicles of a wide range of variants, it also has friendly and helpful staff. The staff are respectful to customers and provide them with an honest opinion regarding the car. The dealership also actively works so customers can get the best possible deal for their unique circumstances.


When you get to a dealership and ask the above questions, it will be easier for you to find the best deal and decide whether you should buy from the dealership. It takes time, however. If you want a quick solution, just visit Olger Motors. The staff will be eager to help you and, of course, answer the above questions.