New Cars Under 15000 Recommendations

New cars under 15000 are mostly searched by those who have a limited budget to purchase one. Nowadays, urban people are eager to have a car because of many reasons. Besides prestige, the offered comfort make many people want to buy a car. So, what new cars do not cost more than 15000?

Wuling Cortez 1.5

For you who are looking for an MPV family car which is equipped with sophisticated features and comfort, this car manufactured by a Chinese company might be suitable for you. Wuling Cortez comes with the 1.500cc engine. This car has a complete feature and it is able to accommodate 7 persons without feeling crowded. So, you can imagine that Wuling Cortez 1.5 is pretty spacious. For the price, Wuling Cortez 1.5 costs for $13870 for the S type, and for the C type with a manual transmission.

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All New Suzuki Baleno

This car was quite a hype in the 2000s. Now, Suzuki Baleno makes a comeback with a hatchback shape. All New Suzuki Baleno has a bigger and rounded shape so that it is very suitable for you who live a dynamic life. This vehicle has 1400cc engine capacity, well-equipped features, and also a telescopic steering wheel which is rarely featured in other cars in its class. Though All New Suzuki Baleno offers you all those advanced features, you do not have to spend a lot of money to own it. This Japanese car ranges from $14278 to $15000.

Chevrolet Spark

For you who prefer a car brand other than Japanese brands or Chinese brands, it is worth to consider Chevrolet Spark to be on your list. Though this car is pretty small, it has a 1400cc engine. So that it makes Chevrolet Spark fast and economical. Chevrolet Spark is suitable for college students, first jobbers, or dynamic young family. This vehicle costs $14099 and you will be able to have this American car brand. The price will be different for its second hand cars for sale.

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All New Daihatsu Sirion

All New Daihatsu Sirion is the new model of city car produced by Daihatsu. This car has complete features and 1300cc 4 cylinder engine which is well-known for its economical and easy maintenance. All New Daihatsu Sirion features 4 airbags, LED lights, bluetooth audio, and many storage compartments. With those features, you only need to spend $13097 for the manual type $13884 for the automatic type. This is the last one of the new cars under 15000.