New Cars Under 10,000: The Cars That You Should Get

It is nigh impossible for you to get new cars under 10,000 US dollars, but that does not mean you should be dissuaded from purchasing a car. While you might not be able to get a 2019 car for US$10,000, sometimes car dealers will stock old cars that are yet to be purchased by people (aside from their usual second-hand cars for sale), hence making those old cars ‘new’ in a sense. Those are the kind of cars that we will be talking about today, so if you got a limited budget but you still want a ‘new’ car, you can check out the list below:

Honda Fit, the 2009 edition

If you think the latest Honda Fit is too expensive for your liking, why not give the 2009 edition a try? The 2019 edition is only several years old, and a lot of them (the new ones, of course), are priced lower than US$10,000. It is spacious, safe, and it is one of the cars that was rated the best car in 2009. Those achievements alone should be good purchase points.

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The 2010 Scion xB

If you like to keep things boxy, then this car is for you. The Scion xB is a car that can only be described as a colourful square with wheels. Because it is not that popular, a lot of the cars are still available new on the market. It is a car that is somewhat old in terms of design.

While it might not win any award from its look, the comfort and the power it provides is beaten only by a margin by the more popular cars. Sure it might look odd to drive in, but it is sure as heck comfortable to ride in. Just be careful on speed bumps because small cars and speed bumps do not play well with each other.

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The 2010 edition of Mazda 3

If you live on a budget and you want to get a car that is a bit sporty than minivans, you can get the 2010 edition of Mazda 3. This car will probably be the sportiest car in this list because the other old sports cars are still expensive. It is noisy and very constricting in terms of space, but if performance is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed with the car. It got a nice fuel economy, too, which makes the car the perfect car for those not able to buy lots of fuel. Definitely the most recommended new cars under 10,000 if you are someone who likes to keep things a bit sporty than most.