New and Used Cars: The Less than Obvious Difference Between the Two Types

When you are told to find the difference between new and used cars, surely you must have known the answer. People always find ways on how to buy a car, but they never bothered to take an in-depth look at the differences between a new and a used car. Perhaps you think the answer is obvious: a used car is a car that has been used while a new car is a car that is still fresh out of the oven (not touched just yet). What you people do not know, however, is the fact that the answer might not be as obvious as you might think. While there is the obvious answer, there are also answers that are less obvious (less obvious here means less visible to the eye). Here are those answers:

The history behind the car

Now this is a less-known fact. Each car got its own history to talk about, and that history is probably the thing that determines the price drop (in case you did not notice, used cars are cheaper than new cars). The car’s history will affect how low the price drops when you are going to sell it.

Histories make stories, and stories can affect a car’s reputation in a lot of ways. If you only used the car for a fun family trip, for something that is not shady, then the car would not lose its price too much. If you used your car for practices that are less than legal, that car’s value will be reduced in a much higher number (there are dealers who will accept cars like those. For safety reasons, we will not list such dealers).

The tax that the government will take from you

Okay, this one is less obvious for several reasons. First, taxes are boring, and people are not that bothered with taxes unless it is a high one. Second, counting taxes requires a deep understanding of how it works. Because not all people know how it works, it is obvious that the tax will be one of those less obvious differences between a new and a used car.

While it will be easier to say that the tax of a car will get lower as the car ages, the truth is not that simple. Each country got its own regulation concerning taxes, making it highly impossible to say that a car will have its tax lowered when it gets older.

Its certification

Now this one thing here is exclusive to the people of the United States. There, a car can be certified pre-owned, meaning it is a certified used car. The difference is a bit large here because certified pre-owned cars come with many benefits to both the buyer and the seller. The most confusing out of the differences between new and used cars because it is limited to the States only, but should not be too much of a problem if you are willing to learn about it.