Metro Ford: Should You Rely on a Dealership for Your Car’s Maintenance and Service?

Alright, so you just bought your dream car from a Metro Ford dealership. That’s not the end of your ownership of the car, however. It is just the beginning. The next thing to do is to maintain and service your car. The question is, where should you do it? Should you rely on a dealership?

When it comes to car maintenance and service, your options are practically limitless. That doesn’t mean every body shop is equal, however. Some body shops, like dealerships’, are better equipped and have expert technicians doing the job. Below, we give you the reasons why you should rely on a dealership for your car’s maintenance and service.

Access to Information

Technicians from reliable dealerships are experts and certified. In some dealerships, the technicians are trained regularly so they can catch up with the latest technology. This includes the latest updates regarding vehicle repair, safety issues, and service recalls. This ensures that your car is handled by experts who are up to date.

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Well Equipped

It goes without saying that maintenance and service cannot be done properly if the technicians are not well equipped. This is the advantage of relying on a dealership. Your vehicle will be maintained, serviced, or repaired with proper equipment. Some dealerships even invest in the latest equipment and tools so they can repair customers’ vehicles correctly.


If you buy a car from a dealership and get a warrant of some sort, the maintenance or service may be free of charge if your car is still under warranty. Also, depending on the situation, parts and repairs may also be backed up with a warranty as well. This makes a lot of things easier and cheaper.


A dealership is usually large with various rooms inside. A good dealership will have a special room designed to be waiting area, providing a convenient spot for customers to wait while their vehicles are being maintained, serviced, or repaired. A loaner vehicle or shuttle service may also be offered in case the vehicle needs more time to finish.

About Metro Ford Miami

Metro Ford Miami is a dealership that offers a wide range of services like selling new and used Ford vehicles, body shop, and finance. The dealership’s body shop offers maintenance, parts, and service. The dealership makes it easy for customers to make an appointment for these purposes as it can be done remotely online.

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What the Metro Ford Body Shop Offers

The technicians of Metro Ford dealership are experts and certified. They are able to do work such as engine diagnostic, general automotive repair, brake repair, radiator, and cooling system repair, preventative car maintenance, oil filter replacement, synthetic motor oil replacement, tune-up, belts, hoses and fluids, air filters, level checks as well as correction of all fluid, among others.

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As we mentioned, your ownership doesn’t end with the purchase. If anything, it has just begun. You need to maintain and service your car regularly if you want it to last. The best way for this is to entrust the maintenance and service to a reliable dealership like Metro Ford and let expert technicians keep your car in fit condition.