The List of Lowest Price New Cars 2019


Are you looking for the lowest price new car? Although there are many secondhand cars with good conditions, many customers are still interested in the new ones. The reason is clear actually. A new car is more guaranteed to be perfect without any damage and problems. Besides, it is much safer to buy a new car than the secondhand one. But undeniably, there are so many options for new cars with low prices nowadays. What are they and how to buy a car affordably in your area? Check them out.

Nissan Versa Sedan

In the USA, Nissan Versa Sedan is offered for around $12,815. Sure, it can be more and even less that that number for some factors. The sedan looks prestigious with its bright colors application on its exterior body. Well, slightly, it is not seen at all that the car is actually still considered one of the basic modern transportation. More than that, Nissan seems to put many efforts to make this car reliable and comfortable to drive even if the price is affordable.

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Chevrolet Spark

A little more expensive than Nissan Versa Sedan, there is Chevrolet Spark priced at $12,995. Maybe, the only lack of this car is regarding the interior body which is indeed quite small. However, it is optimal in the other features. They are good alloy wheels, automatic headlights, AC, and many others in its class. Meanwhile, enjoy the better experiences given from the entrainment features including a 4-speaker audio system and GM’s OnStar Telematic System with 4G connection.

Mitsubishi Mirage

For you who are looking for a compact car, this one is definitely one of the best answers in 2018. Being priced at $13,790, it provides you with impressive designs and features. It applies the hatchback body style with futuristic features. Some of them are the keyless entry, USB and Bluetooth Connection for Music, Automatic Climate Control, and more. There is a long warranty given by the manufacturer; it is 5 years or 60,000 miles.

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Ford Fiesta

Slightly, the automotive product from Ford looks a basic one. Yes, there is not something special regarding the design. However, for you who love the minimalism, this one is indeed one of the best choices. Meanwhile, some great features are successfully added including SYNC voice control system that is produced especially by Ford. Meanwhile, it offers you the big power, 120 horsepower that is more than any other cars in its class. It is priced at $14,790, making it a lowest price new car anyway.

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