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List Price of Car in 2019

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Getting the information about the list price of car before you decide to buy your car is very important. By looking for the information about the price, you can set the budget so you will not have to spend too much money. You can even know the specification of the car that you want along with the warranty. Therefore, to help you, this article will give you all of the information about the price list of best car to buy in 2019.

The most important thing when you want to buy a car is by knowing what kind of car do you want. You also have to consider the size and benefit for you. Let’s take a look down below.

Small Cars

Small cars or compact cars are always considered as quiet cars. The design of this car is classy and elegant. First, there is a Ford Focus with sporty looks and European style. The range of price is $18,825 – $25,145. The second car will be Honda Civic with great reliability and high resale value. The range of price is $20,345 – $28,195. Last but not least, there is a Toyota Corolla with great safety features and a spacious room inside. The range of price is $19,620 – $23,800.

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Midsize Cars

The second list price of car is the midsize. The midsize cars are usually filled with SUVs which suitable for families. First, there is Ford Explorer with 3-row, fierce looks, and a great engine. The range of price is $33,360 – $55,160. Second, there is a Chevrolet Traverse with spacious room inside along with sophisticated technology and high-class style. The range of price is $30,925 – $53,995. Lastly, there is a Hyundai Santa Fe XL which is suitable for families because of its great safety features. The range of price is $31,895 – $42,345.

Big Cars

Who loves pick-up trucks? Great for moving heavy things and drive on any roads. First, we have Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with sophisticated tow technology and spacious seat rooms. The range of price is $36,095 – $58,095. Next, we have Nissan Titan with a fierce look, V8 engine and warranty. The range of price is $37,975 – $59,135.

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Those are the list of recommended cars to buy in 2019 along with their price. By looking at the list price of car, you may find the right and best car for you and your family.

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