John Beckett Parkersburg WV: A Community Leader and Philanthropist

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Early Life and Education

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John Beckett was born and raised in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He attended Parkersburg High School and later graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in business administration. During his college years, John was actively involved in various campus organizations and was known for his leadership skills and community involvement.

Career and Business Ventures

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After completing his education, John started his career in the insurance industry. He worked for several insurance companies before starting his own agency, Beckett & Associates. Over the years, his business grew and became one of the most successful insurance agencies in the region. John’s business ventures were not limited to the insurance industry, as he also invested in real estate and other businesses.

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Community Involvement and Philanthropy

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John Beckett is known for his extensive community involvement and philanthropy. He has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, the West Virginia University Foundation, and the United Way of the Mid-Ohio Valley. John has also been a major donor to various charitable organizations and causes, including the WVU Cancer Institute, the Parkersburg YMCA, and the Camden Clark Foundation.

Political Involvement

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John Beckett has also been actively involved in politics. He has served as the chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party and has worked on numerous political campaigns. John’s political involvement stems from his belief in the importance of public service and his desire to make a positive impact on his community and state.

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Awards and Recognitions

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John Beckett’s contributions to his community and business have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Distinguished West Virginian Award, the WVU Foundation Outstanding Philanthropist Award, and the Parkersburg News and Sentinel’s Citizen of the Year Award. John’s success and accomplishments serve as an inspiration to many in his community and beyond.


John Beckett is a community leader, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur. His contributions to his community and state have made a significant impact and have earned him numerous awards and recognitions. John’s legacy will continue to inspire and benefit generations to come.

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