Fulvia Zagato

Fulvia Zagato

Lenses were well-engineered and thoroughly innovative cars. Lancia is still another instance of the highest quality car made in Italy. The Lancia has also appeared in many of motoring magazines.

The car includes an enormous history file full. Today, it is in presentable and attractive condition, with some patina. It is known for its quick acceleration and excellent handling, especially at high speeds. Other than that, it is structurally very sound. These cars rarely show up on the market in running usable condition. It looks like a fairly clean vehicle, however, especially because it is reported to be original besides the interior and the wheels.

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The bumpers are rather nice too. The chrome is usually very good, even though the hubcaps show some patina. There is a whole lot of open glass within this vehicle, and it’s quite easy to see out of with very thin A and B pillars.

The paintwork is in good form and is reasonably large quality, with some orange peel and a couple indications of wear in the shape of chips and little scratches. There’s a dent under the appropriate headlamps and one in the ideal door too. Furthermore, the minor but difficult to source trim pieces appear to be in good shape also.