The Legendary SUV Is Back: Ford Bronco New Review

There are not many cars that have gained popularity and legendary status as the Ford Bronco. Not only that, but this beloved SUV has also become a cult classic, too. Ford intends to bring Ford Bronco back. The question is, how will the upcoming Ford Bronco look like? Read our Ford Bronco new review here and you will know the answer.

An Off-roader SUV It Will Be


The teaser picture of the Ford Bronco shows that the SUV gives off a vibe of an off-roader. Given the height, wheelbase, and engine, this is actually possible. As it is an off-roader, chances are the Ford Bronco will have three doors, instead of five like other SUVs.

Ford Bronco New Concept: Hybrid Variant


A hybrid off-roader? Yes, a hybrid off-roader. Today, hybrid off-roaders are not something unimaginable. Just take a look at the Range Rover P400h. Ford has been pushing to manufacture hybrid vehicles. Of course, the Bronco is included in this strategy. A hybrid variant will at least be available as optional at this point.

The upcoming Ford Bronco is meant to be an off-roader SUV. Having electric motors will surely be helpful as the motors will increase the torque the SUV generates. Interestingly enough, Ford stated that the compact system will not interfere with the spacious interior. That means it will have a comfortable interior for everyone.

What Is Under the Hood?


Our Ford Bronco New Review isn’t complete if we don’t talk about what is under the hood. So, what kind of engine that will power the off-roader SUV? There is no confirmation yet but it is likely to be powered by a 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine.

This engine has an output of approximately 325 horsepower. This output is quite powerful enough for an SUV. Other engine options, such as a four-cylinder, diesel, and hybrid, may be available as well. We can be sure that the upcoming Bronco will pack a punch.

Sharing Lots in Common with Ford Ranger


The Ford Bronco is going to be produced alongside the Ford Ranger. Yes, at the same production facility. Ford even go so insofar to invest over $800 million so the facility can produce new vehicles. Because of being produced together, the two lineups are going to share many features in common.

As of now, the Ford Bronco has been confirmed to use the same platform as the Ranger does. Namely, the T6 architecture. For the Ford Bronco, however, Ford will use a short-wheelbase version of the architecture.

Solid Axles


This has not been confirmed, but pretty likely to happen. The pre-1980 iterations of Bronco featured a front solid axle design. Since solid axle has been used before, it wouldn’t be surprising if the upcoming Bronco features it as well. If it does, the Bronco will be Wrangler’s main competitor.

That’s our Ford Bronco new review. At the moment, there is no official statement yet regarding the release date of the upcoming Bronco. That being said, the fact that Ford intends to bring it back is, in and of itself, an exciting news for many Bronco fans. What do you think? Are you excited to see the upcoming Bronco too.