The 2019 Ford Bronco Concept New Interior

2019 Ford Bronco Concept Redesign

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Who doesn’t know Ford Bronco? The SUV lineup is no doubt among the legendary vehicle lineups, especially in the U.S. It has been a very long time since Ford released a new Bronco. Are you a Ford Bronco fans? If you are, rejoice. Ford is going to release a new Bronco in the near future. And here, we will talk about the Ford Bronco concept redesign.

Ford Bronco Redesign


Of course, after decades of silence, Ford Bronco will get a redesign. How exactly it will look, however, no one knows. At least for now. For the exterior, we can expect the new Bronco to come with rugged and tough styling cues, fitting to be an off-roader. Things like a swing gate and a modular grille should be available at least as an option.

As for the interior Ford Bronco concept redesign, the new Bronco should be as comfortable and accommodating as its predecessors. Meaning, it should come with two rows of seating, accommodating 5 passengers comfortably.  The cargo room will be ample and the rear seats can be split-folded to further increase the cargo room.

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Made in the U.S. of A


That’s right. The famous SUV is going to be made in the U.S. In 2017 just a moment after announcing that a new Bronco will be coming, Ford stated that it will be made in the USA. To be specific, the new Bronco will be assembled in Michigan Assembly Plant. This means that the upcoming Bronco will share the same production facility as the Ranger.

Bronco Shares the Same Architecture as the Ranger


The production facility is not the only thing that Bronco and Ranger share. There is also the architecture. The latest Ranger rides on the T6 platform. Ford will use the same platform for the upcoming Bronco. For the Bronco, Ford is going to use a short-wheelbase version of the platform. It wouldn’t be a surprise if later on the Bronco comes with a lot of features that Ranger has.

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Possibly Available in Hybrid Variant


The popularity of hybrid variants is growing in recent years. Ford, like many other vehicle manufacturers, jump in the bandwagon. Ford has announced a few times that its new line of vehicles will be available in hybrid. Of course, that might include the upcoming Bronco as well. At the very least, the hybrid variant will come as an option.

Under the Hood


Speaking of the engine, the new Bronco is very likely to be powered by a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. Yes, similar to the Fusion. We can expect the engine to have an output of 325 horsepower. Other than the powerful V6 engine, a four-cylinder, diesel, and hybrid system may also be available. Of the engine options, the V6 engine may be the most powerful of them all.

So, what do you think about the Ford Bronco concept redesign? Interesting, isn’t it? Although there is no official confirmation yet regarding the release date of the upcoming Bronco, it is quite an exciting news to know that a new Bronco will come soon. Would the new Bronco come with the same capability and reliability as its predecessor? Only time will tell.