Cottage Car Sales: Why Buying a Used Car Is a Good Idea

Should you buy a new or used car? Buying a new car sure does have its advantages but so does buying a used car. This is especially true if buying a used car from a trustworthy dealership with helpful crews like Cottage Car Sales. Below are the reasons why buying a used car is a good idea.

It Doesn’t Depreciate as Much

The first and foremost advantage of buying a used car is depreciation. A new car depreciates real fast in the first two-three years after purchase. Depreciation means that you lose your money without being able to get it back. Yes, those thousands of dollars you spend to buy a new car are just thrown away.

If you a used car, you don’t have to deal with depreciation as much. Since the majority of depreciation happens in the first two-three years, you can sell a used car that you buy close to its buying price. You will still lose money but the amount is far from when you buy a new car and sell it.

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Cottage Car Sales’ Used Cars Can Last Long

Thanks to the advance of technology, today’s cars can last longer than their predecessors. Many car models don’t need repairs until they get close to ten years old and/or reach 100,000 miles mark. This means that if you buy a three-year-old car, you still have years to use it with no major repairs needed.

More Options Available at Cottage Car Sales Inventory

Having more options available is, of course, an advantage. The more options are available, the more likely you find the right car for you. Compared to the new-car market, the used-car market has many, many more options available. This is especially true if you buy from a dealership has excellent inventory.

Cottage Car Sales’ inventory has various cars, which means you have plenty of options available to choose from. Not only that, but the dealership also has helpful crews who will gladly help customers find the car that they want. The crews are ready and gladly assist customers throughout the entire buying process, from beginning to end.

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Fewer Insurance Costs

A new car has more value than a used car. While you might not notice the difference between a new car and a three-year-old used car, your insurance company certainly does. The value of the car is one of the factors determining the insurance rate, which means a used car has fewer insurance costs than a new one.

Fewer Registration Costs

Not only used cars cost less when it comes to insurance, but used cars also cost less when it comes to registration fees. It is true that some regions charge the same registration fees whether the car is new or used. But, more often than not, used cars cost less to register. The same goes for the yearly vehicle taxes, too.

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So, is buying a used car a good idea? The answer is yes. That said, buying a used must be done with patience and flexibility. Not all used cars are equal, after all. A dealership with various cars in the inventory and helpful crews, like Cottage Car Sales, make the buying process easier and stress-free.