Chris Harris of BBC’s Top Gear’s Dream Garage of 2019

chris harris top gear

Motoring enthusiasts are probably odd not to be familiar with the British television show Top Gear as it covers topics surrounding automotive and cars. Having been airing since 2002 and have over 200 episodes, on 2016, they decided to include Chris Harris—Chris Harris—an automotive journalist.

chris harris top gear

Chris Harris freshens up Top Gear with his motoring expertise and passionate jumper. Having been so deep and long in the car and automotive industry, Chris Harris is well known across YouTube for his expertise in his channel; Chris Harris on Cars, just two years before finally joining Top Gear and become the online car review in Top Gear’s Chris Harris Drives.

Unlike common journalists, Chris Harris is your choice for brutal honesty, giving fresh air to its watchers, especially since his credibility isn’t questionable. Being that, he sure has had driven and reviewed large numbers of cars which aren’t always on good terms after his reviews.

chris harris top gear

Chris Harris kept his word and bought only those he actually gave good reviews, for example, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and the Ferrari 599. However, he has nicknamed for his most favorable car as Kermit, and that is his customized ’72 Porsche 911.

But the question here is not what he bought, what he has reviewed, and so on. The question is: What is Chris Harris’ dream garage? If he could have any car in the world, what cars would he want in his garage to look at and admire every day?

chris harris top gear

Around late January, Chris Harris went to RM Sotherby’s ‘Youngtimer’ Collection Warehouse who not long ago blew the internet with their RM Auction. They successfully sold 130 cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

In the words of Chris Harris of BBC Top Gear, he said that the RM Warehouse—without saying it lightly—is the most extraordinary room full of cars he’s ever seen, he’s not saying that to sell, he’s saying that because most ‘youngtimer’ cars that Chris would look at are BMWs, BMW Alpinas, and Mercedes AMGs, making RM Warehouse his perfect stop for as it is filled with his dream cars.


chris harris top gear

Alpina b7 turbo, “mint,” he commented. E28, mint, b7 turbo with the Croft bucket seats.

E60 M5 in America did a six-speed manual for a while—they are both manuals in Europe, and that is special. Chris said passionately that the first thing you must do when you are approaching an old BMW is to look in the boot for the toolkit.

Seeing that there are three E36 Alpina 7 series in the garage… Two being B12 with six liters, and one with 5.7 litres, he said he’d wanted one of these ever since he drove one in 2001. He’s never seen more than one of these before this except in the Geneva Motor Show.

Mercedes AMGs

chris harris top gear

E500 looks very sexy with the slightly flared arches. He said that this car came from an era when people understood, quietly demonstrating your potential. C126 AMGs. The signature thug car. Each seat has 13 buttons alone. When everything might go electric soon, he said he’d get this car. Last but not least, a bored-out AMG version SL70

In conclusion, BMWs and AMGs, are a total dream garage for Top Gear’s Chris Harris who doesn’t seem like it is ever enough to look at those cars.