All You Need to Know About the 2019 Cast of Top Gear UK

The cast of Top Gear UK has witnessed several changes since the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Their absence in 2015 forced Top Gear UK to create a new format with a new set of presenters. Chris Evans became the new main presenter in the new 2016 format but later resigned due to critical performances. Since then, the cast of Top Gear UK continues to change as they relentlessly try to improve the show.

This year, Top Gear UK welcomes Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness as the new hosts. Alongside them is a recurring host that is Chris Harris, who’s garnered positive feedbacks since his first year in 2017. Here’s what you to know about the latest cast of Top Gear UK:

1. Freddie Flintoff

Cast of Top Gear

Freddie Flintoff was announced as the new host to replace Matt LeBlanc in October, last year. He’s performed well in Top Gear despite the news about his accident during filming and in Mansfield in February threatened his appearance.

That’s an impressive feat, given that this quick-witted host is still an active captain on A League of Their Own. Not to mention, he continues to host his own radio show on BBC Five Live.

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2. Paddy McGuinness

Cast of Top Gear

The well-established comedian and game presenter joined the latest cast of Top Gear UK to replace Rory Reid. His cheerful and humorous personalities resonated in “Take Me Out” work in tandem with the other current Top Gear presenters. This is supported by the fact that McGuinness and Flintoff have worked together way before they join Top Gear.

3. Chris Harris

Cast of Top Gear

The former Autocar journalist is also known as one of the key members of the “/DRIVE” YouTube channel before his departure in 2014. Additionally, Chris Harris hosts his own “Chris Harris Drives” program, which establishes his own fanbase among Top Gear enthusiasts. On top of that, he’s also an active professional racing driver specialized in GT events, enriching his motoring experience even further.

Harris has a very well-balanced presentation, mixing his knowledge about cars with well-timed banters and jokes. Because of that, he’s well-received among fans and working in harmony with his new co-hosts, Flintoff and McGuinness. In fact, due to his longer appearance and better knowledge, Harris’ almost seen as a wise father figure to the duo.

4. Rory Reid

Cast of Top Gear

Reid’s first appearance as one of the main hosts in the 2017 cast of Top Gear saw a resurgence in the show’s popularity. Although now replaced by the two new hosts, Rory Reid still makes an occasional appearance on Top Gear UK. Additionally, he’s still appearing as the main host of “Extra Gear,” also a part of BBC’s Top Gear programs.

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5. The Stig

Cast of Top Gear

First appeared in 2002, he’s Top Gear’s extreme test driver and celebrity guests’ trainer ever since. What makes him popular among fans is his enigmatic, mute, and unpredictable behaviors, establishing him as a permanent cast of Top Gear. Plus, the unknown man behind the helmet that always leaves the fans guessing.

However, The Stig has actually undergone several changes in the actor portraying the role. The first Stig was portrayed by Perry McCarthy, who wore a full black racing suit and helmet until 2003. Then, Ben Collins portrayed the white-suit Stig, to which he reprised the role until 2010 when his identity was exposed. Since then, a new, unknown actor takes the role of The Stig to this day. Who could he be now?

So, ready to witness the new cast of Top Gear UK?

While the loss of Clarkson, Hammond, and May was almost irreplaceable, the show must go on. Every new cast of Top Gear is working hard to bring the show back to its former glory, one way or another. Will this year’s new set of hosts make the case, or break it? The only way to find out is to watch the show yourself.