The Car Informant: the 2019 Car Prices in USA Based on Three Car Categories

Comparing car prices in USA is definitely something that can be a bit boring to do. That is why we want to give you a handy list that will tell you about the prices of the cars based on their categories. For those curious to know about what is the most expensive and the cheapest car in each category, you can give this article a read.

Let us start from the most basic of the category, the minivan

The minivan is a car that is not wanted but needed. Nobody wants to admit that a minivan can have a beautiful shape, but they will definitely need the space provided by a minivan if they have a family.

To begin, let us talk about the cheapest in this category. The cheapest minivan in the USA is definitely the 2018 Ram ProMaster City at US$23,995. Now this is not a car that is known throughout the world simply because of one thing: it is a bad car. If you take a look at it, it is a minivan that does not look like the ordinary minivan at all. In fact, no one can even say whether or not it is a civilian car. It is shaped not like any other civilian cars out there, more akin to a delivery van. It is rated pretty low and it is priced pretty cheaply.

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The most expensive out of the minivan category is the 2019 Toyota Sienna at US$ 49,090. This minivan is definitely useful thanks to its power and space. It looks bad, though. The crash test result is a bit disheartening, too.

Let us go to the wagon category next

Next is the wagon, which is between the cheap minivan and the expensive luxury. Cars belonging in the wagon category often find itself as second-hand cars for sale because cars of this type are the most popular out of the three categories on this list.

The cheapest wagon is 2019 Volkswagen Golf, which is priced at US$21,845. The price is nice considering that the car is highly reliable in many situations save for the off-road ones. Comfortable, a bit speedy, and not hungry with fuel at all.

The most expensive wagon is certainly the 2010 Jaguar XF, sitting at US$71,215. When talking about Jaguar, you are mostly buying the brand, so it is expected for this car to be expensive. It is pretty handsome, though, and the style and accessibility can cover that lacking performance.

Lastly, we will talk about the luxurious car

Do not expect a luxurious car to be traditionally cheap because it would not. There is a reason why the car is luxurious, and the price is just one of them.

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The cheapest luxurious car as of the time of this writing is 2019 Acura RDX, priced at US$37,400. Combining luxury and reliability, this luxurious SUV got everything that you will ever need in an SUV.

What about the most expensive one? That title belongs to 2019 BMW M5 at US$110,000. This is a car that only Chads got. It is very expensive, but that price tag comes with performance, comfort, and generally handsome look.

That is all about today’s article folks. The cars and the prices listed above are by in no way a defined price. There will definitely be changes to the list and there are still other categories to cover. Still, we hope that this bit of insight on car prices in USA can help you.