Car APR Calculator: Get to Know How It Works

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a common term when you finance a car using a loan. It refers to the percent of a loan that should be paid back by the borrower within the life of the loan. That means you pay not only for the money you borrow but also the interest on the money. Thankfully, now you can use car APR calculator that helps make your task easier.

This calculator is often used to estimate your monthly car payment. Calculating auto cloan payment is important to improve your negotiating power and get the best loan according to your budget.

How Car Loan APR Calculator Works

APR calculator is a specific tool that helps estimate your car payments. To make it work, you have to submit some information such as car price, trade in / down payment, interest rate and number of months. Once you provide all the required information, it will calculate for APR estimation. Take a look at how to use the tool below.

1. Credit scoreCredit-score-scaled

It is necessary to provide your credit score to estimate the car payment. There are some scales for credit scores, ranging from bad to excellent. Bad credit score ranges from 300 to 629 while excellent credit score ranges from 720 to 850.

2. Car priceCar-price

The car price you think you will pay determines the average APR for the loan. Instead of entering a normal price, make sure to enter a car cost after negotiation. Try your best to reach this value or lower during a negotiation.

3. Trade-in / down paymentTrade-in-down-payment

To use a car APR calculator, you need to enter the value of down payment. You want to put toward the car. Submit the total amount you, added with trade-in value if you already have a vehicle. The amount of down payment should be at least 20 percent including trade-in.

4. Interest rateInterest-rate

Interest rate is determined based on your credit score. You can submit the rate you are qualified for or let the calculator estimate for you.

5. ResultsResults

This is the estimation of car APR that you need. After putting in the number, the tool makes a calculation and provides you a result. This result can give you more power when visiting a financing company.

What May Affect Car APR Calculator

The APR estimation that you get from the calculator can be affected by many factors. Since most calculators do not show significant difference from the APR calculated by the dealership, it is important to make sure the calculator shows a low APR before going to a dealership.

If you want the calculator results in a low APR, pay attention to these factors:

1. Credit scoreCredit-score2

Credit score is one of lender’s main consideration to determine your APR. As bad credit means a high APR, ensure your credit score is good. People are considered to have a bad credit if it is lower than 630, while the good one starts from 690 and above.

2. Interest rateInterest-rate

Vehicle condition takes a contribution in affecting the interest rate and APR. The interest rate for a new car is typically lower than used car. Before entering the estimated interest rate on the calculator, make sure you know the trend.

3. Financing companyFinancing-company

Financing companies offer different average rates. Even if you have a good credit score and choose a new car, you need to find the right one that offers lower APR.

Car APR calculator is a great tool that provides you with APR estimation. This estimation can be a weapon to negotiate with a financing company or dealership, so you need to make sure it is well counted. Provide the required information and make sure it results in a low APR estimation.