Buying a Rental Car: Does It Mean Buying a Trouble?

Do you ever think to buy a used car from a rental agent and share the thought with friends or family? Chances are you will be flooded with suggestion and advice that blow your mind. Buying a rental car sounds a good idea for its cheap price, on the other hand it has a number of risks that should be taken into account.

As with buying other used cars, buying a former rental car has its benefits and drawbacks. Apart from their affordable price, most rental vehicles have a tough life as they are driven by many people with different driving characteristics. Not to mention high mileage and wear and tear that make your driving experience less enjoyable.

Why Buying a Rental Car?


People have a different financial ability. When it comes to buying a car, people with a loose budget can easily pick a new car from the newest model. Meanwhile, those with a tight budget typically opt to buy a used car that comes in a lower price.

Some people buy a rental car for its low price and newer model. Car rental agents provide newer vehicles to attract customers. This marketing strategy insists them to sell old vehicles and replace with a newer one, at least every year or every two years. It makes a good chance for buyers to get a newer model with a lower price.

Besides, regular maintenance is another reason why people choose a former rental car. The rental agents want to give the best driving experience to customers by giving a regular maintenance to the vehicles. Most used-car hunters who need a well-maintained vehicle can choose a former rental car.

Buying a Rental Car Pros and Cons

Now that you know the reason why some people buy a rental car, it is time to reveal the plus and minus of buying a rental car. Here is a look at the pros and cons.

1. Pros

a.  Money-savingMoney-saving

Rental companies typically offer their cars at lower prices. The price is commonly lower than dealership as they buy the vehicle at a discounted rate. This strategy allows them to sell the vehicles in no time, so they are able to buy newer cars to run the business.

b. Newer carNewer-car

Former rental cars are the only option if you want to buy a newer car without paying more. Some rental agents sell their vehicles after 1 or 2 years of service.

c. Well-maintained vehiclesWell-maintained-vehicles

Despite an unpredictable driving style it may receive, the vehicles are ensured in their top condition.  The rental agents schedule a regular cleaning and maintenance to keep their reputation among customers.

d. Fast processFast-process-scaled

The urge to buy a new car makes rental agents shorten the sale process. Some companies offer a free test drive or other program that encourages shoppers to buy the vehicles. Interestingly, some agents refund the rental program fee if you buy.

2. Cons

a. Uncertain conditionUncertain-condition

Former rental vehicles experience different driving styles which affect its overall condition. As a consequence, the car may suffer more wear and tear than a privately-owned car.

b. Higher mileageHigher-mileage

It is not uncommon that rental cars have higher mileage than average. This means the vehicles have been hard-driven.

c. Lower resale valueLower-resale-value-scaled

If you plan to resale the vehicles, a former rental vehicle is not a good option. It may come at lower initial price but it will return at lower price too. Some buyers are very selective and they tend to bargain to the lowest once they know the car is a former rental.

Buying a rental car is completely your personal decision. Much like buying a used car, it comes with a plus and minus. Make sure you think double or triple before deciding to buy a former rental car.