Bmw Zagato Roadster

Bmw Zagato Roadster

The BMW remains tight-lipped over plans to set the car into production, but in very small numbers along with an extremely high price tag, it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. Whether it will produce the car in greater numbers remains to be seen. Somehow it decided to hide the car from the public. It offers lots of stunning features to the lovers of Zagato in terms of styling, colors, technology, performance and driving quality.

Unlike the Aston Martin, you won’t be able to purchase a BMW Zagato Coupe. The BMW Zagato Coupe includes a hat bag and travel bag, and recreates the kind of the double-bubble roof on the vehicle. The 2014 BMW Zagato roadster is a fairly impressive car that provides quite a few engaging and convenience packages to guarantee a good ride. The BMW Zagato Roadster was made in just six weeks beginning from the manufacturing Z4.

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The back of the roadster includes a diffuser ensuring smooth air flow. The alloy wheels are 19inch in dimension and star-shaped with five spokes and feature a matte finish to complement the remaining part of the paintwork physically. It has an identical steering wheel and controls, together with the very same asymmetric dashboard.

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