Black and White Car Rental: Luxury Car Rental in LA

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Enjoying the thrilling sensation behind the wheel while you are in Los Angeles can be the most unforgettable moment. Thanks to Black and White Car Rental that offers extensive choices of vehicles, allowing you to bring the dream of driving exotic car into reality.

Black and White is a good name to call if you are in need to rent a car in LA. This car rental has a wide array of choices, ranging from cheap, exotic to luxury car for any purposes. With a mission to provide you with an engaging driving experience, the company offers the most complete services in the area.

What Is Black and White Car Rental?What-Is-Black-and-White-Car-Rental-scaled

Black and White is a business-owned car rental that offers best experience to rent a car in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The company was established in 1994 and it currently becomes the oldest private-owned car rental throughout Beverly Hills, LA, and SF.

B&W promises excellent service for any customer who need to rent a car. It has an extensive fleet of vehicles, covering exotic, luxury and even cheap car. Whichever automobile you want to drive, B&W has you covered. The following choices are available to give you an enjoyable ride:

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1. Midsize carMidsize-car

If you need a compact and fuel-efficient car, midsize car is a perfect choice. It has a spacious cabin and more room for extra luggage you bring. Whether you are coming from the airport or simply need more space after shopping, this car is an ideal option.

2. Full size carFull-size-car

Having a trip with the whole family will be more exciting with a full size car from Black and White Car Rental. This vehicle has a reasonable gas mileage and extra room for more people. Don’t forget the spacious storage that lets you bring the luggage along during the trip.

3. Convertible carConvertible-car

Driving a convertible is no longer a dream with B&W. This car rental provides you with a plethora choices of convertibles such as Ford Mustang and the new arrival Ferrari Portofino.

4. Luxury carLuxury-car

If you want to enjoy an upscale living in LA, opt for luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz CLA 250. This high-end automobile lets you enjoy a comfortable and less stressful ride.

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Why Should B&W Car Rental?

The experienced car rental has been around for more than 20 years and it has a long list of repeat customers. Here are the following reasons why B&W car rental is worth-choosing:

1. Fast car reservationFast-car-reservation

You don’t have to submit a bulk of documents or fill endless forms to book a car. Thanks to a fast car reservation service that allows you to book a car in less than 2 minutes. Simply visit the official website of B&W, fill required information and make a reservation.

2. Extensive choice of vehicleExtensive-choice-of-vehicle

The car rental provides an extensive fleet of vehicles ranging from premium, exotic, luxury, full size, midsize and many more. Whichever vehicle you need, B&W has it.

3. Reasonable priceReasonable-price

This car rental service is a great choice if you want to enjoy the road without breaking the savings. It offers competitive and reasonable price to meet your budget capacity.

Black and White Rental LocationsBlack-and-White-Rental-Locations

B&W is available in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Beverly Hills. If you live in Los Angeles or simply plan to visit this area in a short future, check out the following locations:

  • 939 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles CA. 90015 (310) 910-6900
  • LAX Airport 405 Isis Ave. Inglewood, CA. 90301 (310) 337-9999

Black and White Car Rental is your transportation solution in Los Angeles. Whether you need to feel the thrilling sensation of high performance car or want to be a center of attention with convertibles, this car rental has it all.