Best Used Cars under 20000 for Thrift Shoppers

New car spends at least 30K and this amount of money is too much for some consumers. If you need a vehicle but your budget is no more than 20K, you can opt for a used car. The price tag is more various for used cars, but 20K is a good starting point. Best used cars under 20000 are abundant on the market, allowing you to find a reliable automobile without breaking the savings.

You might worry about high mileage that commonly comes with used cars. Good news, many secondhand vehicles are lightly used so they give you a low mileage and excellent overall condition. Check out the top six recommendations of best used cars under 20K below!

Best Used Cars under 20000 to Buy in 2020

Whatever car types or models you are looking for, market always has good choices to select. Ranging from hatchbacks to hybrid vehicles, here are recommended used cars under 20K.

1. 2016 Honda Accord – $17,1002016-Honda-Accord

The combination of elegant styling and powerful performance makes the 2016 Honda Accord worth-choosing. The midsize sedan is ideal for everyone on a budget. Coming with a 2.4 L 4-cylinder CVT engine that produces 185 horsepower, this automobile is available in manual and automatic transmission.

For best driving experience, the 2016 Accord features auto climate control, cruise control, keyless entry, and keyless ignition. Thanks to rear-view camera that allows you to park effortlessly.

2. 2014 Mazda 6 – 16,59002014-Mazda-6

The highly-rated Mazda 6 is a great choice for small families of four. The fuel-efficient sedan is powered by a 2.5 L 4-cyl engine that generates 184 horsepower. With attractive styling, Mazda 6 offers responsive handling for easier control on the road.

This model is not as excellent as Toyota Camry or Honda Accord but it makes a great alternative for superior driving experience. Supported by advanced features such as passenger airbag, navigation system with active voice, the sedan is more than acceptable for the best used cars under 20000.

3. 2015 Honda Civic – $19,2002015-Honda-Civic

If you are looking for a reliable used car, Honda Civic is a staple on the list. This model comes with a fewer features compared to the successor, but time has proven their reliability on the road. Equipped with a 1.8L 4-cyl base engine that produces 143 horsepower, this sedan is ideal for daily commute.

Best Used Sports Cars under 2000

Are you dreaming of a luxury sports car with 20K? Make your dream come true with the following used sports cars under 20K.

4. 2010 Nissan 370Z – $11,4002010-Nissan-370Z

Available as a convertible or coupe, this sports car delivers good performance with quick acceleration and responsive steering. Powered by a 3.7L 6-cylinder engine that generates 332 horsepower, this automobile comes with sport suspension that makes it engaging to drive. The standard features include cruise control, keyless entry and ignition, auto climate control, and heated side mirrors.

5. 2016 Scion FR-S – $17,3002016-Scion-FR-S

The top-rated sports car boasts athletic handling, great safety features and upscale interior for unforgettable driving moment. Thanks to cozy front seats that allow you to enjoy the trip, either long or short. This affordable sports car is equipped with a flat-four engine that delivers 200 horsepower.

6. 2017 FIAT 124 Spider – $18,0002017-FIAT-124-Spider

The last but not least, Fiat Spider lets you enjoy supportive seats and agile handling on the highway. This fuel-economy convertible generates up to 164 horsepower with a 4-cylinder engine. Both automatic and manual transmissions are available.

The best used cars under 20000 can be a good reference for savvy consumers who want to enjoy the sensation behind the wheel without breaking the bank account. Whether you want to buy sedan, family hatchback or sports car, simply choose one of the compiled options above.