4 Best Cars in USA 2019


What are the best cars in USA in 2019? Sure, the question is quite difficult to answer. Despite it is about the taste, undeniably, a tight competition makes automotive brands put all the efforts to improve their products. Besides, they also compete to provide new features in order to meet customers’ needs and expectations. From so many products to launch in 2019, which are among them considered the best? Check them out.

BMW M2 Competition

If you are looking for a compact and modern design car but with powerful performance, it seems that BMW M2 Competition is the best answer. Although it looks like there is no significant difference from the predecessors, BMW M2 Competition indeed looks neater and simpler. However, the combination of engine and other features applied enable the car to have over 405 horsepower. Meanwhile, the interior is larger making the car feel more comfortable in any situation outside.

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Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

For you who just love to spend much money for a vehicle, this one is definitely a good answer. The futuristic design becomes a plus point here. Both exterior and interior are outstanding and it offers you the comfort you may never experience before. Meanwhile, there are many new features to be enjoyed by having this car for sure. But the most essential one is the application of 460-hp powertrain of the base car. It is good for public road and rules the coarse terrains well.

Ford Mustang GT Bullit

Talking about the best car to sell in 2019, it seems not complete without mentioning this brand. Yes, for also launches the new Ford Mustang GT Bullit. Starting from the design, it is definitely simple with black on almost all of the parts, inside and outside. Besides, another option available is the green color. In term of performance, it should not be underestimated as well in which the car works well at 7000 rpm with a completely quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Even the second hand car for sale is forecasted to demand a lot.

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Honda Accord/ Hybrid

For the enthusiasts of hybrid cars, this one should not be missed out. Again, it mainly features compact and simple design in term of exterior and interior. Interestingly, if other car series mentioned above seem to bring out the modern and futuristic vibes, this one tends to look more classical. For the performance, the car is equipped by the hybrid’s 42 mpg for the fuel economy even on the highway. Meanwhile, some new entertainment features are added to give you a better driving experience than before.

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