Bergstrom Used Cars: Advantages of Buying a Used Car

Buying a car is not simple. This is true if you come to a dealership like Bergstrom Used Cars, which sells both new and used cars. With the many options you have, you might be confused. Should you buy a new or used car? To help you find the answer, we listed the advantages of buying a used car.

It Saves Your MoneyIt-Saves-Your-Money

When you buy a used car, you essentially save your money. How so? First, used cars are much less expensive than new ones. It is estimated that on average, used cars are almost 50% less expensive than new cars. That’s a lot. Second, since the price is lower and you pay faster, the finance fees are lower as well.

Most of the Depreciation Already Happened, No Need to Pay for ItMost-of-the-Depreciation-Already-Happened-No-Need-to-Pay-for-It

Unless you want to drive a new car through the ground, buying a new car is not an attractive option. Why? Well, because of depreciation. You’d be surprised at how fast a new car’s value depreciates. On your drive home, your car can lose as much as 11% of its value. That’s basically thousands of dollars paid for nothing.

The depreciation doesn’t stop there, of course. As time goes by, the value of the car becomes lower and lower. Used cars do depreciate like new cars. However, most of the depreciation has happened. You don’t pay for it. This is the reason why you can get a good used car at a very affordable price.

You Can Own a Quality Car at a BargainYou-Can-Own-a-Quality-Car-at-a-Bargain

That’s correct. Let’s say that you have the budget to buy a new entry-level car. With the same amount of money, you can get a good quality used car. If you are lucky, you might even get a discount or at a bargain. Not to mention the car be better equipped, too.

You Still Get WarrantiesYou-Still-Get-Warranties-scaled

Used cars are, well, already used by their previous owners. The fact that they have been used doesn’t mean they have no warranty. Manufacturers and dealerships do offer warranties for used cars. Some manufacturers even offer various bonuses for used cars. It is important to note that there are used cars who still have their original warranty intact as well.

It Is Better for the EnvironmentIt-Is-Better-for-the-Environment

Lastly, used cars are better for the environment. Here’s how it is better for the environment: Almost 25% of carbon dioxide a vehicle produces comes from its production. That means if you buy a used car, you help reduce the carbon dioxide output. Not only that, but used cars are also less damaging to the environment than new, hybrid ones.

About Bergstrom Used CarsAbout-Bergstrom-Used-Cars

Bergstrom Automotive is the number one Automotive Retailer in Wisconsin. This dealership is committed to treating everyone like family. Knowing how important peace of mind of their customers is regardless of whether they buy new or used cars, the dealership strives to offer the best service. All Bergstrom used cars are thoroughly inspected before they get certificated.

Bergstrom Auto Used CarsBergstrom-Auto-Used-Cars

Two of the best things about this dealership is its availability in many locations (25 locations as of now) and a wide selection of used cars. The dealership represents over 35 brands in total. This means that customers have a lot of options for used cars. Furthermore, all of the used cars sold by this dealership passes a thorough certification process.

The above are some of advantages of buying a used car. In some cases, buying a used car is a lot better than buying a new one. Especially if you want to save money.  If you are interested in buying a used car, consider visiting Bergstrom Used Cars. See if any of the dealership’s used cars pique your interest.