Alamo Car Sales: The Pros and Cons of Buying an Ex-Rental Car

Can you buy a used car that has good quality? Of course, you can. When it comes to used cars, you can opt to buy an ex-rental car. Alamo Car Sales is a great place for that. To help you consider whether to buy an ex-rental car or not, here are the pros and cons of buying an ex-rental car.


1. Ex-rental cars are sold at lower pricesEx-rental-cars-are-sold-at-lower-prices

Yes, ex-rental cars are usually sold at lower prices than privately owned used cars. Why? Here’s why. When rental companies buy vehicles, they do it in volume. They get a discount on that. Then, when rental companies want to buy new cars, they sell their older cars at lower prices so they can renew their fleets quickly.

2. Ex-rental cars are usually newer modelsEx-rental-cars-are-usually-newer-models

Rental car companies attract customers with fresh car models. As time goes on, they have to replace their “older” cars with newer ones. This buying and selling process is done on a regular basis. To make room for the new cars, these companies sell the “older” cars, which are usually no more than a few years old.

3. Ex-rental cars get regular cleaning and maintenanceEx-rental-cars-get-regular-cleaning-and-maintenance

When you buy a privately owned car, you might not be able to make sure whether the car is regularly cleaned and maintained. Things are different if you buy an ex-rental car, however. Especially if you buy a car from a trusted dealership like Alamo Car Sales. After all, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must for rental cars.


1. Ex-rental cars have low resale valueEx-rental-cars-have-low-resale-value

It is true that you can buy an ex-rental car at a lower price. But it is also true that they have a lower resale value as well. If you are planning to drive the car to the ground, this is not a problem. If, however, you plan to trade the car in the future, this is a clear con.

2. Ex-rental cars tend to have high mileageEx-rental-cars-tend-to-have-high-mileage

Although ex-rental cars are usually newer models, about 1 to 3 years old, they are more likely to have high mileage compared to privately owned cars. They are, after all, rented. Typically, large rental companies sell their rental cars when they reach 25,000 to 40,000 mileage. That being said, there are rental cars that do have lower mileage.

3. Ex-rental cars usually suffer more wear and tearEx-rental-cars-usually-suffer-more-wear-and-tear

Not only ex-rental cars are more likely to have high mileage, but they are also more likely to suffer from more wear and tear. Again, they are rental cars. They have been used by drivers with different driving styles, some may be rougher than others. It is not a secret that people drive cars they rented more aggressively than their own.

Why Alamo Car Sales?Why-Alamo-Car-Sales

First, vehicles in the Alamo Car Sales inventory are mostly from the Alamo Car Rental fleet. That means the ex-rental vehicles are regularly and properly maintained as well as rigorously inspected for quality. Second, there is a wide range of selection of vehicles with the latest features and technologies. Third, they are affordable and some even come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Alamo Car Sales InventoryAlamo-Car-Sales-Inventory-scaled

One of the pros of buying an ex-rental car is that the car is usually relatively “young”. That is, the models that are 1 to 3 years old. Most of the Alamo Car Sales inventory is filled with rental fleets from Alamo Car Rental that have been maintained regularly and inspected for quality.

Like anything else, buying an ex-rental car has its own pros and cons. Now that you know them, you should be better equipped to decide whether or not to buy an ex-rental car. If you do, Alamo Car Sales is a great place for that. It has a variety of cars in the inventory, all of which are maintained and inspected.