97 Ferrari F355 Spider

97 Ferrari F355 Spider

97 Ferrari F355 Spider

Check to be sure there are not any new leaks and take the vehicle for a brief test drive of no more than 10 miles at normal operating speeds. It’s all of the vehicle you will need for a back road in real life. That car was not even at Daytona. Up the speed to the point at which the vehicle is approaching its limit and you’re going to want to be an extremely skilled pilot.

Always well maintained, the vehicle is today in excellent condition. It is also fully UK registered and is ready to be enjoyed. To ensure you are aware that the vehicle you are buying is a European or US spec vehicle. It is among those cars that doesn’t need to move to move you.

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Regardless of the intricacy of the engine, it really is surprisingly durable if serviced well. In keeping with the remainder of this vehicle, the engine is detailed with a number of correct fittings and finishes. It is what makes the F355 special. The gearbox was now a six-speed with a new kind of synchromesh that made it a lot simpler to shift. It is very precise, but unhurried and the second needs to be avoided when cold.

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