2007 Ford Focus Headlights Bulb: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you struggling with a faulty headlight bulb in your 2007 Ford Focus? Don’t worry, this article will provide you with all the information you need to replace your headlights bulb with ease.

What type of bulb do you need?

The first step in replacing your headlights bulb is determining what type of bulb you need. The 2007 Ford Focus uses a H11 bulb for its low beams and a 9005 bulb for its high beams. It’s important to purchase the correct type of bulb to ensure proper fit and function.

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Tools you’ll need

You’ll need a few tools to replace your headlights bulb. These include a socket wrench, a flathead screwdriver, and a pair of gloves. It’s important to wear gloves to prevent oils from your hands from damaging the bulb.

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Steps to replace your headlights bulb

Step 1: Open the hood

The first step is to open the hood of your car and locate the back of the headlight assembly. You’ll see a wiring harness that connects the bulb to the car’s electrical system. Remove this harness by pressing down on the tab and pulling it away from the assembly.

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Step 2: Remove the bulb

Next, remove the old bulb by twisting it counterclockwise and pulling it straight out of the assembly. Be careful not to touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare hands as the oils from your skin can damage the bulb.

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Step 3: Install the new bulb

Take the new bulb and insert it into the assembly by aligning the tabs on the bulb with the slots in the assembly. Twist the bulb clockwise to secure it in place.

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Step 4: Reconnect the wiring harness

Reconnect the wiring harness by pushing it back into the assembly until it clicks into place.

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Step 5: Test the new bulb

Turn on your headlights to test the new bulb. If it doesn’t work, double-check that the bulb is installed correctly and the wiring harness is securely connected.

Tips and tricks

When replacing your headlights bulb, it’s a good idea to replace both bulbs at the same time to ensure even lighting. Also, be sure to check your car’s manual as some models may require additional steps for bulb replacement.


Replacing your headlights bulb in your 2007 Ford Focus is a simple process that can be done at home with minimal tools. Be sure to purchase the correct type of bulb, wear gloves to prevent oils from your hands from damaging the bulb, and follow the steps outlined in this article. With a little bit of effort, you’ll have your headlights shining like new again in no time.

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