0 Interest Car Deals: 7 Top Deals in July 2020

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For many people, financing is a better option than paying in cash as it is more manageable and less of a burden. The question is, what kind of financing should you use? There are plenty of them. One of the best is interest-free financing. Here, we will tell some of the best 0 interest car deals for July 2020.

0 Interest Car Deals Disclaimer

Depending on where you live, these car deals with zero interest may or may not be available for you. Keep in mind that automakers tend to change their promotional offers based on region. As such, you might not find some of the deals below but you might be able to find similar deals at local dealerships.

7 0 Interest Car Deals 2020 You’d Want to Check Out

1. 2020 Kia Soul2020-Kia-Soul

The Kia Soul lineup is known to be a fun, value-oriented, and practical subcompact SUV. The 2020 Soul proves that even further. Come equipped with a four-cylinder engine option and various features, the newly redesigned 2020 subcompact SUV is a fun subcompact SUV to drive.

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Finance deal: 0 interest rate financing for up to 72 months.

2. 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid2020-Toyota-Camry-Hybrid

For a hybrid vehicle, the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid is surely a solid option. It is practical, reliable, and most important of all, efficient. It is a good and affordable start if you want to get the taste of owning a hybrid vehicle. It comes with various features, including active-safety features.

Financing deal: 0 interest financing for 60 months.

3. 2020 Mazda CX-92020-Mazda-CX-9

The next one in our 0 interest car deals list is the 2020 Mazda CX-9. The Mazda CX-9 is among the most fun mid-size crossovers. With a capable engine and a capacity of up to seven passengers, it makes a great family car.

Finance deal: no payments for 90 days and 0 interest financing for up to 60 months.

4. 2020 Toyota Prius2020-Toyota-Prius

If lukewarm driving dynamics are what you are after, then look no further than the 2020 Toyota Prius. The 2020 Prius is an affordable and efficient commuter car. It comes with plenty of amazing standard features. For example, a 7-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection, among many others.

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Finance deal: 0 interest financing for 60 months.

5. 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee2020-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee

Want a powerful mid-size SUV? Then the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee might be for you. The 2020 Grand Cherokee is powered by a powerful engine capable of tackling just about any daily tasks you throw at it, impressive off-road capability, and user-friendly technology.

Finance deal: 0 interest financing for 36 months.

6. 2020 Volkswagen Golf2020-Volkswagen-Golf-scaled

The Golf is one of Volkswagen’s most fun and practical models. The 2020 Golf comes equipped with a four-cylinder, turbocharged engine as the standard. Inside, there is a sophisticated and comfortable cabin for everyone. The new Golf has features such as a 6.5-inch touchscreen display, a rearview camera, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and rear cross-traffic alert, among others.

Finance deal: 0 interest financing for 72 months.

7. 2020 Subaru Outback2020-Subaru-Outback

If you have been a fan of the Subaru Outback lineup, you’d notice that the 2020 wagon comes with a fresh redesign. The 2020 Subaru Outback has two engine options with all-wheel drive as the standard. The standard features include a dual 7-inch display (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration), a rearview car, and various advanced safety features.

Finance deal: 0 interest financing for 63 months.

Do any of these 0 interest car deals pique your interest? Buying a car with 0 interest financing means you will be able to save money as you don’t pay the interest. Of course, you first need to qualify for such deals. If you are interested, contact your local dealerships and/or a manufacturer online and see if you are qualified.